Bettina Pousttchi

Parachutes ,Germany, 2006

Digital prints,
120x160 cm each

Courtesy of the artist and Buchmann Galerie, Berlin

The heavens are at the core of the work of Bettina Pousttchi.  Boundless, they stretch to the extremities of the work, symbolizing the fear of unawareness and infinity harboured within them, as it has forever. The work directs the observer’s regard upwards, to the clouds and the meaningless forms emblazoned in the gloomily coloured skies. 

The blurred images emerging from the clouds to draw our attention hover in a coordinated structure, resembling a squadron of helicopters. A sense of aerial invasion, a military operation and threat intersect at the joint of the creation and our imagination, between the occurrence in the skies of Berlin, and a growing fear. The fear stems from a lack of preliminary information. When did this happen? Where can it recur? And does the event foreshadow what is about to take place?