Samuel Rousseau | France

Brave Old New World (No. 3), 2011

Wooden Board, Acrylic,
Video Projection
66x83x5 cm

Courtesy of Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels

Brave Old New World (No. 3) is one of Samuel Rousseau's recent works of art, created as a homage to the power of New York City and which won him several prestigious prizes. The scenario invites the viewers to suggest various subjective interpretations related to the events that befell the city and following images that still exist in the memory reservoirs of its residents and of citizens of the world.

In his book "Simulacra and Simulation", Jean Baudrillard refers to the field of science fiction in which the image claims to represent something real but in fact is deceitful, confusing and leads astray by creating an illusion. At the same time, this is also the image which redefines terms based on the meaning they have gathered in the course of history till the current technological discourse. Those are simulacras of energy, power and materialization, functioning with the help of the machine and international production systems. Those are simulacras based on science, the model and the cybernetic game in its perfect form, as hyper reality and vision.

It is not without reason that this futuristic work of the artist is perceived as influenced by the 9/11 events and the fear of future disasters to come. Rousseau's work proposes a solution for saving the human race from apocalyptic scenarios, world wars, conflict of civilizations, a nuclear catastrophe or ecological disasters that might be inflicted upon the earth.

It comes in the shape of a spaceship built of the urban space and the skyscrapers of the big city, which detaches itself from Earth and hovers in outer space, thus challenging the traditional notion which sees the world as the ultimate home for mankind.