Erez Israeli | Israel

Head, 2007

Concrete Casting
120x100x80 cm

Courtesy of the Artist and Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv

Erez Israeli's works of art deal with images of death and the memories related to it. The artist creates from a reality of bereavement resulting from terror, wars of survival, religious fights and extreme nationalism.

Our downcast view focuses on the severed head, while searching for the missing body. In vain we try to confront the image, in a reality of constant terror, with the thousands of photographs running through our head, repeating themselves in journalistic reports describing personal states of crisis or in the memory albums of terror acts, wars, bloody events and violence, photogenically describes in the newspapers and television.

It is from within this reality that the artist borrows the image and glorifies its dimensions beyond its natural size. In so doing, he awards it with a mythical power and a place of honor in the order of those who scorn death in the endless power struggles. Bodyless, the limp presence of the head, cast away as an object devoid of identity, is empowered and the viewer is forced to give it a personal interpretation due to the intimacy of the encounter.