Tacita Dean | England

Still Life, 2009

Set of 6 B/W Fibre-Based
Photographs Mounted on Paper
40x60 cm
Edition of 6

Courtesy of the Artist; Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris/New York; Frith Street Gallery, London; Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Milan

Tacita Dean's works have attempted to reconstruct events from memory, connections between past and present, facts and fiction.

Dean maps not just the objective world but also our private worlds and traces the complex interaction between the two. The depiction of different locations is matched by dislocations in space and time: real landscapes are layered with inner, psychic landscapes defined by our own desires and obsessions.

The set of pencil drawings shown in the exhibition is charged with a meaning that we cannot fully comprehend, often depicting a failed or abandoned vision.

In this series of drawings, Tacita Dean creates in pencil lines an expressive web of memory circles, interwoven and disentangled alternately, thereby illustrating the elusive nature of memory. This type of drawing echoes the automatic technique of the surrealist painters, who used free and random drawing as a means of expressing their sub-conscious.