Djamel Kokene | France / Algiers

We, 2009

Concrete Casting
Exhibition Copy
70x70x70 cm

Courtesy of the Artist

Violent and enigmatic, this sculpture presents the tension and the growing gap between the quest of contemporary man for an increasingly insular individuality and the willingness to build a collective space.

“What interests me here is the paradox underlying contemporary societies which results in a power struggle between self and other, self and others. The paradox from which emerges a tension that tends to emphasize globalization in which the city - megacity draws a new architecture by constantly testing our desires of construction, both individual and collective,” says Kokene.

As a result of widespread capitalism and egoism, the world is now on the brink of a general collapse, and the only means of escaping this fate is by connecting, through joint action and universal union. There is no other way, since this is the rule of nature. It stands to reason that since the universe has invested so much effort in creating us, it will not let us annihilate ourselves. The terrible conflicts that have inflicted the world have weakened the chances for improving its future. The tasks awaiting us require coping with political, religious, economic and ecological crises. Encouragement of globalization, mutual links and cooperation between countries will enable the development of the future world, and will free us from the current global crisis. Under such circumstances, the national interest should transform and adapt itself to the interest of the international community.