Adrian Paci

Turn On, Albania, 2004

Video, 3:33 min.

Adrian Paci was born in Albania, and now lives and works in Milan.
He is one of a handful of Albanian artists who have gained international recognition for work dealing with social inequality and emigration.

His work Turn On is an outcry of thousands of unemployed wherever they may be; their numbers are on the increase, they are unable to support their families, and their misery is evident in their expressions. That can be observed clearly as Paci's camera closes in on the faces of Albanian men, forever seated on the steps in the city square of the artist's hometown' Shkodra. One by one, the electric lamps connected to them light up. The light abruptly illuminating the dark square, and the clamor of the generators arousing the residents of the street, combine to voice the outcry of the jobless seated in the square, in a political protest against a regime that does nothing for them.

This work was exhibited at the 2005 Venice Biennale.