Boaz Aharonovitch

Germany 1, 1945-2002-2008, Israel, 2008

150X150 cm

Courtesy of the artist

While on a sortie over Berlin in 1945, a US airforce navigator photographed the process of firing a missile at the Reich capital. In 2008, Boaz Aharonovitch took a picture of a secure Berlin as seen from the window of the plane carrying him. The montage Aharonovitch created out of the two photographs raises questions about past and present, about the trauma haunting Germany to this very day, about the relics and residues of that terrible war, a war wherein historical memory remains ever-present, staining every landscape with guilt and regret.

Aharonovitch has created a series running over a sequence, thereby stressing the action the airman documented while dropping a bomb during his offensive mission, but also the dimension of passing time and the time-bomb ticking into the reality of the present day, which has not forgotten the crimes and evil generated by that war, or any other