Shachar Rubin

Mali, Tali, Julie, Layla, Dallal, Elena, Israel, 2001-2006

Color prints, 70x100 cm.

Shahar Rubin offers intimate documentation of a row of women whose eyes cannot conceal their sorrow and loss of hope.
A portrait, life-sized and in natural colors. A direct look is encountered, demanding us to look back, reinforcing the sense of fragility and vulnerability they reveal in their gaze – urging us to take a stand.

Does Shahar Rubin's camera render more concrete the words of Emmanuel Levinas regarding the encounter with "the face of the other", obliging us to relate?

What is that moral significance rendered so real by the intimacy generated through the presence of these feminine figures?
The sense of fragility and vulnerability they reveal in their gaze?


"…The encounter with the face (of the other) makes me receptive to the other, says the philosopher Emanuel Levinas. It  Elicits not a sense of distance but of closeness, perceived as openness to the other. Face to face proximity activates in me and perpetuates my responsibility for my fellow being…"