Anne Sassoon

Street Children, Southern Africa, 2003

Charcoal on paper, 56x76 cm

Who are the street children – the Third World's citizens of tomorrow, multiplying in our midst – chosen by the artist Anne Sasoon, for her charcoal sketches?

She sketched them two by two, staring at us with their large eyes yet unable to meet our gaze. Who are these children, without identity, without a past, their future summed up in society's attitude to their very existence?

Society can determine their future fate to a large degree; it could either rehabilitate them, or abandon them. But the option of deserting them would bring them back, over and again, to society's door. Around the world there are hundreds of thousands of children abandoned and in distress. They are forced out onto the streets, in an effort to find food and shelter. They may be orphans, or just children whose families cannot offer support, obliging them to go out and pursue their own destiny.

Is society responsible for that destiny? For it's own destiny? As citizens of that society, can we make any contribution towards changing this state of affairs?