Dana Levy

After the End, Israel, 2003

Video, 3 channels, 11 min.

The world’s economy is set in motion by oil pumps and church bells.
The concept of universal expanse as seen through the artist’s eyes is displayed on three screens.

Energy and religion are interconnected, and in their joint rhythm, they motivate one another, and simultaneously, dictate our fate.
These are the energies, concrete on the one hand, spiritual on the other, which have always exercised untrammeled control over humanity, able to dictate its direction; this is a reference to the global economy dominating the world, to the market forces stronger even than states, and the mutual power struggles between religions.

Does humanity have the ability to intervene or influence this process? Is it within our power to change our personal destiny? Or has the Frankenstein-like Golem arisen to overcome its creator?
Are we lackeys subject to the hegemony of those who possess the wealth and will, the mighty corporations which control us?

Man is not present in this work. He is represented by his home, alternately appearing and vanishing at the edges of the picture – testifying to his station, stressing the power of the oil pumps located at the centre of the work.

The title of the work relates to the future of a humanity doomed to desolation, subjugated by superior forces which will survive the tempest by dint of their unending apocalyptic power.